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THE LOYALTY POST is the first and one of Asia's leading publication aimed to capture the customer loyalty, customer experience, CRM and analytics space. Readership of this magazine is spread across sectors like Banking, Retail, Insurance, Auto, FMCG, Services, Consultancy & IT Sectors. Through in depth conversations with senior professionals from India & Asia we work to capture their expertise to make sure that the customer loyalty industry understands the significance of consumer insights. "The Loyalty Post" magazine will keep you abreast of trends, strategies and metrics from around the globe that will boost customer loyalty in India.

THE LOYALTY POST is one of Asia's leading Bi - Monthly publication for loyalty & analytics practioners and the only magazine of its kind to be published in India. Our subscriber base / mailer base is around 4000 print hard copies & close to 12000 digital downloads across Asia.

Partnered Events

At DATAx Singapore this March 5 & 6, learn from 50 cross-industry business leaders including Healthcare, Finance, Marketing and Government Institutions. With 4 stages, and 500 innovators, you will learn how machine learning algorithms and analytics can positively impact day-to-day processes and improve business results. Meet Google, IBM, Amazon, Netflix and many more.


Partnered EVENTS


  • Loyalty Fraud In The Airline World Is More Pervasive Than You Think.

    Fraud in the loyalty world is a salient issue, and the airline industry is far from immune. Underpinning the discussion is an examination of how consumer behaviors and attitudes towards loyalty is impacting the scope of fraud; consumers are more connected and active online than ever before, allowing fraudsters to evolve ever more sophisticated methods of deception.


  • Take A Tip From Netflix And Get Creative With CX

    When Netflix first delivered online streaming video to mainstream eyeballs, they changed the world forever. No longer were the days of scurrying outside on a Friday night to stand in line at a video store. Even competition from traditional cinemas was undermined by the uncanny awareness Netflix seemed to possess over the true needs and wants of entertainment hungry consumers.